The Great Australian Warehouse Sale is here to save Record Store Day

Record Store Day may be postponed for now, but fear not because The Great Australian Warehouse Sale is here to save the day.

Set for the original dates April 18 and 19, The Great Australian Warehouse Sale will see independent record stores dig out every record they can find and mark them at the lowest possible prices.

Photo: Juls Ibañez

The Great Australian Warehouse Sale is Record Store Day’s way of giving indie stores a financial boost amidst the panic of the world.

Taking to Facebook, Record Store Day explained the new event, saying “We went to the record companies and asked them to venture into the dim and dusty corners of the warehouse and then get sharp and hot with the prices. They came to the party.”

Exclusive marked down items will include vinyl, cassette tapes and CDs with lists of items appearing today on Record Store Day’s website.

​“Every store will be different. They will buy from the lists below, add from their own vaults plus sprinkle some of their own magic into the mix,” the official website states.

“If you have to be stuck at home, then get some music therapy to help you through!”

Due to the pending lockdowns across Australia, sale items will be available for home delivery. All participating stores are listed here and will still be hosting the sales online.

Record Store Day is a global annual event which aims to push sales of exclusive and limited products across independent record stores.

The postponement of the annual event came from a statement earlier this month, with President of AMRA – which runs Record Store Day in Australia – Blake Budak explaining, “we are not operating under normal conditions,” and foreshadowing The Great Australian Warehouse Sale by mentioning a new plan to “safely celebrate indie music”.

The official Record Store Day event has been postponed to June 20.