The Greens reveal plans to provide liveable wage for artists

The Living Arts Fund is The Greens plan to ensure that Australian creatives don’t have to live below the poverty line. The opt-in fund aims to bridge the gap between an artist’s income and a liveable wage.

One of the harsh realities of making art in Australia is the likelihood of struggling to make ends meet. The Greens are aiming to address this problem with the Living Arts Fund.

The Greens spokesperson for the arts, Sarah Hanson-Young said:

“Our Living Arts Fund ensures participating artists are guaranteed an income to bring them up to a living wage. The Fund would own a share in their work, which will make the fund more self-sustaining, with artists supporting artists.”

The fund has the potential to bring more than 50,000 artists out of poverty, creating an average of almost 2,000 full time jobs a year in Australian creative industries.