The Manning Bar in Sydney got treated to a killer set by The Lemon Twigs last Saturday

The Lemon Twigs brought down the house in Sydney, with an electric performance, and a dose of witty sibling banter.

The Manning Bar in Sydney got treated to a killer set by The Lemon Twigs Saturday (28 October).

With five studio albums in their repertoire, and yep, that’s including the Twigs’ What We Know (2015, limited-edition cassette) it’s clear they’ve put in their ten thousand hours, and it certainly shows.  

the lemon twigs manning bar sydney 2023

Their mastery is not only evident in their technical skills, which are impressive, but also in their boundless energy and on-stage presence, which left the audience thoroughly captivated.

Fronted by the dynamic D’Addario brothers, 26-year-old Brian and 24-year-old Michael, both of whom are not only accomplished vocalists but also skilled songwriters and multi-instrumentalists. 

The Beatles influence can be felt through much of their set, even down to the way that Michael holds his guitar in parts, high on the chest, which suits him down to the ground.

In a nod to Sir Paul McCartney, affectionately referred to as ‘the cute one’, the Twigs gave a shout out to his performance at the Allianz Stadium the night before. 

Michael, the primary raconteur (let’s face it, it’s mostly him), engaged the audience with witty banter, occasionally pushing boundaries, but his spirited charm effortlessly carried the evening.

Jack Ladder’s support act, though veering towards the unconventional, felt a touch out of place. As much as we love his self-deprecating, moody music, it seemed better tailored for Sydney’s indie pop rockers like Salarymen or The Lazy Eyes. 

 Nevertheless, he set the stage in a generous and cinematic manner, laying the groundwork for a truly outstanding show.

The Lemon Twigs performance was electric and enthralling, drawing from their extensive catalogue, not just the recent album. 

The Twigs delighted the audience with a solid takeaway from the standout gem that is ‘Everything Harmony’ with the tracks ‘Corner of My Eye,’ ‘In My Head’ ‘Ghost Run Free’ ‘What Happens To a Heart’ and ‘Any time Of Day.’

Encore came in the form of Brian holding his own with a stunning solo rendition of “When Winter Comes Around,” followed by covers from their beloved B’s – The Beach Boys and The Beatles. While the selections might have been a bit obscure for some, I confess my adoration for the B’s, yet even I struggled to pinpoint familiarity. Nonetheless, what a fitting conclusion, sharing their reverence for their favourite bands.

In a generous gesture, they also unveiled a couple of new tracks – which were pretty damn great –  from their forthcoming album. Given that “Everything Harmony” is an absolute standout and arguably their finest work to date (at least in this humble writer’s estimation), the anticipation for their next offering is high.

Few albums released this year command a start-to-finish listen, but once the needle hits the groove, there’s no stopping – that’s how exceptional it is. In every sense of the word, it’s a perfect album.

These brothers are not only gifted musicians but also possess obvious keen intellects, crafting tunes that strike a chord. Thank you, Lemon Twigs.

Brisbane and Melbourne, The Lemon Twigs are coming your way October 31st  & November 1st, head here for tickets.