These entries for the National Geographic Travel Photo Contest will blow you away

The photos that come out of any National Geographic photo comp are always incredible. From jaw dropping landscapes to up close and personal wildlife photography, they’re always something out of this world.

And the entries to the 2019 Travel Photo Contest are no different. They’ve been taking submissions since March 18th, and will keep submissions open until May 3rd, but already some amazing stuff has rolled in.


Submissions for the National Geographic Travel Photo Contest have been rolling in, and some of the photos need to be seen to be believed.

Each week, selectors have been posting their favourites submitted the week before. The pics are truly worth a look. The comp is split into three categories; nature, cities, and people. This week’s favourites include an adolescent humpback wale, the Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in fog, and a frozen lake cracking as sledders ride across.

At the end of the submissions, the chosen winner is awarded $7,500 and a spot on National Geographic’s travel Instagram page.

Take a look at some of our favourites below. You can find out more here, and check out the weekly favourites here.