You can now have your favourite Bandcamp artists pressed to vinyl

It’s no secret that vinyl has been steadily increasing in popularity over the last few years. People all over the world are desperate to get both new releases and old favourites pressed on vinyl, obsessing over the old school nostalgic charm. 

But vinyl has always been a pretty expensive option for creators, especially for those just starting out. Well, Bandcamp have announced a brand new crowdfunding based vinyl pressing service, making vinyl releases more accessible to artists than ever before.


Bandcamp have announced a new crowdfunding based vinyl pressing service, which will be available to all artists by the end of the year.

Aimed as a method of streamlining the “financing, production, and fulfilment of vinyl records” the service will be available to all artists and labels later this year.

The premise is pretty simple. Based off crowdfunding, an artist will set up a campaign, and when it reaches its minimum goal, Bandcamp will press and ship the vinyl to the eagerly awaiting fans. Artists and labels set the pricing of their releases, as well as have full design control. Basically, Bandcamp just do all the technical stuff.

Bandcamp has also announced the first four vinyl campaigns. Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah’s Ancestral Recall, Jim Guthrie’s Below (Original Soundtrack), Juliette Jade’s Constellation, and Mesarthim’s Ghost Condensate.

For more information, you can read the full announcement here, and learn more about the service itself here.