The Black Heart Death Cult chat their hypnotic debut album

Back in January, when Melbourne-based psych outfit The Black Heart Death Cult unveiled their debut full-length self-titled album, we were immediately entranced by their hypnotic concoction of sounds.

So before they bring the album to Sydney next week, we caught up with the band to chat about the record, Australian psych rock, and what the future holds.

Before they bring their hypnotic psych sounds to Sydney next week, we caught up with Melbourne outfit The Black Heart Death Cult for a chat.

HAPPY: Hey, how’s it going? What are you up to at the moment?

TBHDC: Hey there Happy! things are ok in TBHDCult world. Just one last show with some fine psych bands at The Tote, Easter Sat called Can You Handle The Acid Test before we head to Sydney to kick off our album launch shows 25/4 @ LazyBones, Marrickville and 26/4 Graveyard Shift @ The Landsdowne.

HAPPY: We’re loving the new album! How does it feel having it out there in the world?

TBHDC: More of a relief than anything! The whole process; recording, mixing, chasing labels, pressing has just taken so long. The launch shows are almost four years after the first tracking session. Can’t do that again!

HAPPY: Did you approach writing a full-length album differently at all to your EP?

TBHDC: The EP was actually just a small album sampler in a way with some extra b-sides just because the mixing was getting out of hand holding up the album.

HAPPY: Were there any over-arching themes you found yourself returning to while writing the album?

TBHDC: Only really in how I wanted the mix to come out. Was really chasing a sound where all the parts are melding into one, not overly dynamic but dense and droney as hell. Designed for volume.

HAPPY: It feels like there is a lot of really great psych music coming out of Australia right now. Do you think there’s been a resurgence in the genre? If so, what do you think has caused this?

TBHDC: I think it’s probably taking cues from scenes from overseas and bubbling away until they gather some steam then hey presto (not so) all of a sudden there is a scene going on.

HAPPY: What’s next for The Black Heart Death Cult? Any other exciting plans in the works?

TBHDC: Trying to get our asses over to Europe and get back into the studio ASAP. Already got a couple of tracks finished so hopefully it won’t be another four years till the next record comes out.

HAPPY: Finally, does the Black Heart Death Cult have some sort of manifesto?

TBHDC: Keep it droney!

Catch The Black Heart Death Cult live at any of the following dates:

Thursday, April 25 – LazyBones, Marrickville
Friday, April 26 – The Lansdowne, Sydney
Friday, May 10 – Old Bar, Fitzroy
Saturday, May 18 – The Railyard, Tecoma
Saturday, May 25th – Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide

More info here.