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The PDF-1X is Stone Deaf’s 10th anniversary boost, drive and EQ pedal

The PDF-1x is the new Josh Homme-inspired hybrid pedal from UK manufacturers, Stone Deaf effects.

Known for their sweet 1930s graphics and iconic Tremotron and Fig Fumb pedals, Stone Deaf already sits in the modern effects hall of fame. This pedal celebrates the 10th anniversary of the company’s very first creation, the PDF-1. The sound and design is also coined from Bob Moog’s 1970 Maestro MPF-1 for Gibson.PDF-1X Stone Deaf

The limited-edition PDF-1X is Stone Deaf’s original MPF-1 reinvented. This parametric distortion filter serves up enough dirt to please death himself.

The pedal can run in clean or dirty mode with the inbuilt gain trimpot dictating just how ‘dirty’ your dirt channel is. The height knob gives you 20db of cut or boost and the volume knob slaps an extra 15dB on top for you to play with. The frequency knob can sweep from 35Hz up to 6kHz.  The central control is a 5 position bandwidth knob that changes how wide the ‘Q’ of your EQ is.

Combined with Stone Deaf’s EP-1 expression pedal you can create a range of sweeping modulation sounds. Rocking on the expression pedal lets you create jangly phase effects, all the way to deep, wailing wah tones. The PDF-1x has a limited run of 200 units and are signed by illustrator McBess.

Those looking for more info should visit Stone Deaf’s website.