The Pinnacle of Precision: Grace Design’s m905 Monitor Controller

Grace Design’s reputation for transparent, pristine sound quality is upheld by the m905 Monitor Controller

Grace Design, a renowned audio manufacturer based in Lyons, Colorado, USA, was founded by brothers Mike and Eben Grace around 1994. Their journey from being avid Deadheads recording Grateful Dead live shows to crafting high-fidelity audio gear led to the creation of the m905, a pinnacle in monitor controllers designed for professional studio environments.

At its core, the m905 serves as a vital component in professional studios, acting as the central hub for managing audio levels, routing signals, and ensuring precise control over monitoring setups. Its inception stems from Grace Design’s commitment to uncompromising audio quality and innovative design.

The rack-mounted unit houses a plethora of connectivity options, including inputs for unbalanced, balanced, and digital sources. This versatility caters to a wide range of studio configurations, ensuring seamless integration with various audio interfaces, consoles, and speakers.

The desk controller, characterised by its solid aluminium construction, not only complements the rack unit aesthetically but also offers ergonomic control with an adjustable angle for optimal visibility and accessibility in studio environments. The custom cable connecting the controller to the rack unit ensures reliable communication and minimal clutter.

One of the m905’s standout features is its real-time SPL level meter, a crucial tool for monitoring and maintaining safe listening levels during extended studio sessions. The logarithmic volume adjustments provide precise control over audio levels, complemented by a comprehensive array of buttons for input selection, speaker management, and monitoring adjustments.

Connectivity options extend to multiple speaker outputs, enabling seamless switching between different monitor setups or referencing alternate speakers for critical listening tasks. Integrated talkback functionality streamlines communication between engineers and performers, enhancing collaborative workflows during recording sessions.

Grace Design’s reputation for transparent, pristine sound quality is upheld by the m905, delivering studio-grade fidelity essential for critical listening, mixing, and mastering tasks. While the m905 commands a premium price point, its robust build, extensive feature set, and reliable warranty underscore its value as a long-term investment for professionals seeking uncompromising audio performance and workflow efficiency.

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