The Plot 2017: the festival’s most diverse and downright awesome entry yet

Since its first instalment, The Plot has shown a knack for picking a diverse range of acts on the verge of blowing up. Obviously, 2017 was no exception.

This year was my third time at The Plot, and it was probably my favourite (the fact that the rain held off despite a few minutes of sprinkling may have influenced this). Any festival that gives the opportunity to people of all ages to see live music is already a winner in my books.

Held in Parramatta Park, the festival was small but set out well, the stages positioned so that you would only hear the act you were watching. The four stages hosted slam poetry, local musicians, acts such as Mallrat, Hatchie, Maddy Jane, Clowns, The Teskey Brothers and loads more.

The Plot showed that there’s no excuse for not including female acts on a festival lineup, and that equality at a festival can be achieved. Let’s stop making excuses for the boy’s club.

It was a mix of visible support for equality (in the lineup, or in the support for same-sex marriage), getting down to Confidence Man, and being swept up in the blissful sounds of Stella Donnelly, that left me feeling quite content. Between acts I wandered the suitcase rummage, listened to poetry at the local stage, admired the art over at Decks For Change, made my own badge thanks to the local youth centre, and made a fool of myself at the virtual reality stand where I genuinely forgot about the world around me. As far as I knew, I was on stage with Bec Sandridge.

I hope you can feel the love and community spirit of The Plot through the moments I’ve captured. See you there next year, yeah?


Photos and words by Brooke Tunbridge.