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The Rotary Mod – Eventide’s new app takes on an unmistakable sound

Eventide continues its path into the world of portable effect processing with their new Rotary Mod. It’s an iOS AUv3 app and transforms your iPad or iPhone into a Leslie speaker.

This rotating cabinet effect that simulates a Leslie speaker, which was most famously paired with the Hammond organ. This new take on a classic gives you everything from pulse-like vibrato to classic swirly effects.Eventide Rotary Mod

Relive a classic through your device with the Eventide Rotary Mod. This Leslie speaker simulator is not short of tonal possibilities.

Features include a rotor and horn speed, cabinet size, hi-cut and mix controls. You can also add frequency modulation to the rotor and horn speed using the secondary LFO. Tap tempo is included to map the rotation to the BPM of your track.

An interesting feature called Mix Lock lets you scroll through presets while keeping the wet-dry mix constant. Combined with the Ribbon control – that allows you to change multiple parameters simultaneously – it makes for a powerfully expressive tool.

Rotary Mod is an AUv3 app but works also as a standalone app with Inter-App Audio and looks to be a boon for the increasing number of producers who incorporate mobile devices into their workflow.

For more information, check out the Eventide website.