St Heartless release six track EP ‘The Bite’

Post-punk revival is as prevalent as ever, and thankfully, it is a genre that looks set to stay.

Hailing from Western Sydney’s ever-growing music scene, St Heartless is proving that they are to Western Sydney what Nirvana and Pearl Jam are to Seattle.

Offering up the perfect fusion of post-punk and garage rock the three-piece dropped their six-track EP today ‘The Bite’, showcasing the band’s talent for drum pulsing, guitar riffing, and melodic upbeat angst at its best.

Likened by fans to Queens of the Stone Age, Violent Soho, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes, the band is fast securing a name for themselves as the current flag bearers of garage-inspired guitar, bass, and drums.

st heartless 1
Credit: St Heartless

The six-track EP is a mood of Nirvana meets Smashing pumpkins, with guitar accentuated 90’s riffs, it’s the ode to the comeback era we have been hanging for. 

Featuring Jim Magee on Guitar, Mitch Sinden on Drums and Luke Vella on Bass, never has there been a more unique and thrilling synthesis of talented instrumentalists.

Lucky for us, the band has tunes to spare and all the time in the world to play them. 

st heartless ep

You can catch them live, or listen to their latest release The Bite on Spotify. Whatever you do, keep your eyes peeled for St. Heartless, out now, everywhere, all the time.

Watch St Heartless perform The Signs at Yulli’s below:

Head over to St Heartless Facebook page to keep up to date on live shows.