Watch the only footage in existence of Jimi Hendrix jamming on an acoustic guitar

One of the musicians often cited as the greatest guitarist to have ever lived, Jimi Hendrix is a man who needs no introduction. Most famous for his legendary performance of The Star Spangled Banner, his version of Bob Dylan’s All Along The Watchtower and his unfortunate death at the young age of 27, very few can equal the legacy of Hendrix.

It may be hard to picture the shredder without his Strat slung over his shoulder (or without it burning apart in front of him), but this clip from 1967 film Experience will throw those premonitions out the door.

Hendrix sat down for a single-take, five minute performance on an open-tuned 12 string, and it’s as hypnotising as you’d expect.

jimi hendrix acoustic guitar 12 string happy mag

Watch blues rock virtuoso Jimi Hendrix strut his stuff in this five minute video. He had one take, and of course he nailed it.

Here’s what Peter Neal, the filmmaker responsible for Experience, had to say about the jam:

“Just before we left we asked Jimi if he would mind playing some acoustic blues. We’d decided to ask him to do that beforehand and since I had this 12-string guitar, I took it along thinking it would be more interesting for him than an ordinary 6 string.”

“I noticed how Jimi kept looking at it and then he asked me if he could play it. I said that I’d hoped he would, so he picked it up and launched into that number. We didn’t have much film left at that point, and so I told him that he’d have to do it in one take but it was just one of those magic moments that happen sometimes.”

Via Society of Rock.