Julian Casablancas reveals his dislike for music festivals

Although there will be a huge amount of Splendour In The Grass punters super amped to see The Strokes play, it appears that the band’s frontman Julian Casablancas may not be quite as psyched, revealing his distaste for music festivals.

The Strokes

On the back of their new EP release, Future, Present, Past, Casablancas revealed to Zane Lowe on Beats 1 his view on the whole festival format. He explained “Ninety-eight percent of musicians that I know and talk to really don’t like playing festivals. My main issue is the choice thing, where you have to choose who you want to see and you’re always left wondering if you should have gone to see the other one.”

He told Lowe he would be happier playing unplanned gigs at smaller venues, saying “It’s cool for fans to go and see a lot of bands, but my favourite thing is playing surprise shows at half-empty bars, although that would be a devastating financial approach.”

You can check out the full interview here.