PREMIERE: These two new B-sides from Mid Ayr are deeply heartfelt pieces of magic

Mid Ayr has done us all a kindness by releasing these two new B-sides, I’ve Got Your Back and Don’t Drop out.

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On I’ve Got Your Back and Don’t Drop Out, Mid Ayr reminds us that he is a jack of all trades, peeling back his electronically-driven persona to expose a more sensitive nature

Having followed the success of Mid Ayr’s formative ambient dance-pop sounds, it’s been really great to hear a more low-key, intimate approach taken over these new tracks.

I’ve Got Your Back gives us the perfect opportunity to focus on the finer details which make Mid Ayr’s music so well balanced and composed. There’s some lovely arpeggiation on an acoustic guitar that weaves through the mind with a clever use of panning during the song’s mastering stage. This, along with the subtle notes of suspended ambient synths, prepares a soft and beautifully delicate bed for Mid Ayr to lay his soaring high-range vocals down upon.

Don’t Drop Out takes a similar tone, but this time in the form of some efficient piano work that immediately soothes the soul. Mid Ayr’s soaring harmonies once again give the track a dreamy ambient vibe with their suspended, echo-chamber sound, yet the progression of the piano throughout the song gives it just the right amount of momentum to move forward.

Lovely splendors of visual lyricism in both songs work to tie up with finesse, what are already beautiful tracks to listen to. They’re both songs about friends in need, and it is clear to hear Mid Ayr’s genuine, heartfelt compassion for the people who mean so much to him. Don’t Drop Out and I’ve Got Your Back carry a tremendous emotional weight on their shoulders but somehow manage to face the facts and embrace a friend need in an act of warm-hearted, deep consolation.

Listen to Don’t Drop Out and I’ve Got Your Back via the link below: