PREMIERE: CODY JON strikes pop gold on new track ‘what’s up’

Up-and-coming artist CODY JON has just released his second single what’s up. And this incredibly catchy track could just be the catalyst for something huge. 

Following from his masterful debut single Poisonwhat’s up is another thoughtfully created pop anthem which is sure to get you moving and belting out every word. 

what’s up sees CODY JON boast his jaw-dropping vocals and unbelievable ability to produce irresistible pop hooks.

While his debut track Poison describes the draining feeling that a toxic personality can create, what’s up explores the struggles of miscommunication within relationships, whether they be platonic or romantic. Through this bouncy track, CODY JON implores listeners to seek a resolution by simply asking “what’s up?” It’s a simple, yet effective philosophy made even better when turned into a song with irresistible bass and synth sounds.

In a statement about the new track, the young talent said: 

“I was going through a rough patch with a friend and I was thinking it was impossible to work out what was wrong. I remembered what my Grandpa always told me and that was to “just ask” and no harm can come from asking, just solutions. So I asked “what’s up” and we discovered the fight was over the most stupid thing that was just a misunderstanding. We are all good now. Basically, this song was made to remind everyone that you just need to ASK! It’s not that complicated.” 

For a second time, CODY JON has proven his ability to create top-quality pop music that stands out from the crowd. What makes his music so unique is the way he so intricately weaves an endless number of quirky soundbites and samples into his songs, such as telephone conversations, and video game effects adding layers of delightfully bright texture to every second of his tracks. 

If the song were a picture, it would have an irresistibly juicy 90’s aesthetic which is what makes what’s up even more unique. CODY JON’s expertly trained vocals could be compared to those of Ruel, however, CODY JON offers various shifts in pace and tone which give him a more exciting edge. 

If one thing is certain, CODY JON is set to launch into stardom in no time at all, and we can’t wait to dig up more pop-gold from this incredibly talented artist. 

Listen to what’s up below: