CODY JON delivers a luxurious bassy banger with his debut single ‘Poison’

Rising star CODY JON has just released his debut single Poison and it is something to marvel over. It’s the perfect pop anthem for anyone who’s felt the strains of a toxic personality in their life before.

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Poison, the debut single from CODY JON, is the feel-good bass-bumping self-pride song you need in your life.

CODY JON demonstrates, with nothing but style and finesse, that vocally advanced and meaningful pop-songs are certainly still possible to produce.

The song begins in a wonderfully minimalist fashion, exposing the raw caramel tones of Cody’s expertly trained voice. He maintains a musical ability rare of pop music these days, with tight control over decorative trills through the opening lines of the song.

Cody shows us that there are probably more than a thousand ways to describe the draining feeling of a toxic personality, using some colorful and at times comedic descriptions of his discarded relationships and reminding them if they are listening that “you were just a skunk spraying muck on my life”.

The production value of the track is something of pure audible excellence, best enjoyed on a decent set of speakers to get the most out of the bassy hums of the chorus beat which delivers a charming bounce that will no doubt get your neck cranked. The backing tune is also riddled with a myriad of interesting soundbites and samples which add to the colorful textures of what is already a wonderfully dynamic song.

Poison is a refreshing reminder of Lily Allen’s earlier music, which never fails to inspire a shameless upstanding singalong. CODY JON certainly hits the same mark with a track like Poison which you’ll likely be cathartically screaming with your friends to qualm the miseries of toxic and unhealthy relationships past.

Stream CODY JON’s debut single Poison above.