CODY JON creates pure pop joy on his new single ‘all thanks to you’

Pop newcomer CODY JON only has a few singles to his name so far, but each portrays a talent beyond his years. His newest track all thanks to you is the third in a line of well-executed debut tracks, an uplifting bop with a distinctly nostalgic tint.

Written after a particularly joyful day at school, all thanks to you is pure sonic glee.

cody jon all thanks to you

CODY JON’s new single all thanks to you harks back to the bubblegum pop of the ’90s and early 2000s; bright, bouncy, and so catchy it hurts.

Previous singles poison and what’s up have both had an unexpectedly huge uptake for CODY JON, netting almost 200,000 streams on Spotify alone. His style is understated but no doubt well considered; his production elements and lyrical stylings speak to a true talent in the making.

And there’s no question his hot streak has continued on all thanks to you. Bright-eyed lyrics sit neatly above some hip-shaking percussion, making for a track that would get even the most stiff-lipped music fans moving.

Now with a string of singles to his name, CODY JON plans to continue writing and recording new songs – with the prospects of a live show eventually on the cards. Given that he works out of his own bedroom studio, there really isn’t anything holding him back.

As for what he does next, we’ll have to wait and see. For now, listen to all thanks to you above.