Man hospitalised after eating forbidden lawn shrooms

A man from Sydney is recovering in hospital after having a go at a poisonous mushroom growing in his garden.

Despite knowing next to nothing about poisonous mushrooms, Sydney man Jonathan Herrman decided to have a nibble of some fungi that was growing in his garden.

Herman is currently recovering in hospital but is in a stable condition, without any permanent damage to his organs.

Photo via 9News


The regular Bear Grylls noticed a plain, white, regular-looking mushroom in his garden, and he was keen for a taste.

We can’t really blame him… is there anyone who honestly hasn’t been a little bit tempted to have a nibble of the forbidden lawn-fungi?

Herrman said the he was aware that some wild fungi is poisonous, but he tried to test the edibility of the mushroom by rubbing it on his skin.

He had no initial reaction to the test so he went ahead and took a small bite, noting that it tasted like a normal mushroom.

But two hours later, he realised it definitely was not a normal mushroom as he began experiencing violent gastro symptoms.

His wife rushed Herrman to hospital where he received three rounds of blood tests and 5L of saline to rehydrate.

So if you’re planning on making a vegetarian linguine tonight, maybe just get the mushrooms from the shops.