$700,000 worth of magic mushrooms found in Western Sydney backyard

A Western Sydney man is on the ropes after Cumberland police raided his home and found a stunning amount of magic mushrooms.

Drug bust stories in Sydney are as commonplace as traffic on Parramatta Road, but nearly $700,000 of magic mushrooms reaches new heights of wild.

Let’s take a look at the operation, everything that was found, and the fate of the psilocybin man.

magic mushrooms
Image: NSW Police Force

Let’s take a trip back to the beginning. In January, detectives associated with Cumberland Police commenced Strike Force Bagster: an operation focused on finding illicit drug production in the Greystones area. Acquired information led them to follow a Nissan X-Trail on Pennant Road at 12 am, Feb 3rd. Upon searching the vehicle, they uncovered magic mushrooms, cocaine, $50,000, and two knives. Still, this was only the tip of the iceberg.

Naturally, the police force scored a search warrant quickly and searched the 26-year old’s place of operation. Alongside the State Crime Commands Chemical Operations, they entered the backyard laboratory, finding 46.3 kilograms of psilocybin (magic mushrooms). And yeah, that’s almost $700,000 in street value. It took the team a staggering three days to dissolve the operation. Take a look:

But what of the 26-year-old day tripper? Well, he’s been charged with “manufacture prohibited drug – large commercial quantity, supply prohibited drug – large commercial quantity, and organises/conducts/assists drug premises.” Bail was refused, and he’s headed to Parramatta court today. Ooft indeed.

Although shrooms are illegal in Australia, did you know that they’ve been at the forefront of studies to cure depression? The drug has also become legal in Canada for end-of-life-care? One thing’s for sure. There’s a lot more to psilocybin than tripping out to your favourite vinyl.

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