Edifier Reveals Their New Flagship S3000 Pro Wireless Speakers
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Edifier reveals their new flagship S3000 pro wireless speakers

Edifier has revealed their new flagship S3000 Pro 2.0 monitors. These speakers aren’t just any ordinary variety, oh no. The S3000s are the company’s first ever 2.0 wireless speaker.

The left and right employ a clever new Bluetooth system, meaning you can just about fit them anywhere without having to worry about dragging a rats-nest of wires behind you.

Edifer s3000 Pro

Shaking off their cables with a new Bluetooth V5.0 system, Edifier’s S3000 Pro 2.0 monitors are the company’s first ever 2.0 wireless speakers.

Employing a smart wireless audio transmission module in the master and slave speakers, as well as a sophisticated delay in the master speaker, Edifier has ensured perfect synchronisation between left and right. Edifier states that their new top-of-the-line monitors are the first 2.0 speaker system ever manufactured with this new technology.

A 6.5-inch aluminium alloy bass driver delivers the low end, while Edifer claims the planar silk tweeters are a much-refined version of their predecessor’s, offering improved clarity and resolution. The new monitors also have a wide range of input options including high-resolution, USB, optical, coaxial, RCA line in, Bluetooth 5.0 and balanced XLR.

Aesthetically, Edifier has gone all out in their use of high-quality materials, with their side panels looking like something you’d find in the interior of a Bentley. These babies will no doubt add a touch of class to your home studio setup.

Edifier’s S3000 Pro 2.0 monitors are due to land within the first couple of months of the year.

For more information, hop on over to Edifier’s website.