PREMIERE: Cactus drop blissed out new clip for ‘Crescent Moon’

Hailing from the sunny climes of the Gold Coast, reggae-rock quartet Cactus have dropped a delicious new slice of Summer groove on Crescent Moon.

The clip is drenched in black and white yet bursts with colour as the band take a ride through deep-wah soundscapes and fuzzed out lead breaks.


Cactus have dropped their latest single Crescent Moon and it’s their finest work yet. The prickly heights and husky vocals are pure bliss.

Cactus are exactly that. A smooth beautiful organism of potentially life saving substances. When Crescent Moon unveils itself and the floodgates open up, a veritable deluge of psychedelic nectar washes over.

Yet at their most lofty heights there is a spike. The husky, growling vocals and fuzz-laden lead breaks elevate the sound from resting on its blissed out laurels, creating a whole other beast in and of itself.

Hailing from the Gold Coast, Cactus are a 4-piece rock band comprised of Rory Williams, Rhys Slater, Mitch Lancaster and Brycson Howell. The outfit blend elements of ’70s psychedelia, rhythm and blues with hints of reggae to sweeten the pot. Despite sharing similar DNA to bands like Sticky Fingers and Ocean Alley, Cactus go to prideful lengths in breaking down genre walls to create their own unique sonic flavours.

The greatest thing about Crescent Moon is its near constant weaves and turns. This is indeed Cactus’ most endearing trait. One second you’re submerged in an ocean of sound, the next you’re locked into an irresistible psychedelic gallop.

An undeniable ode to the majestic omniscience of Mother Nature and the togetherness of it all, Cactus’ new clip for Crescent Moon is an uplifting breeze through the streets of their hometown.

The entirety of the video is shot in black and white creating an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. As the band roll around the streets on bikes just generally having a great time the sun starts to set and the tune explodes in a volcano of kaleidoscopic guitar lines.

Keep an eye on these boys and check their other stuff out on Spotify, it’s all pure gold.

Peep the clip below:

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