This brutal video of a praying mantis taking down a murder hornet is going viral

Some interesting and frankly, quite terrifying news has recently surfaced regarding migrating Asian giant hornets, or “murder hornets” as they’re commonly known. Not only are these hornets absolutely humongous and horrible looking, apparently they’re deadly too.

People around the world have added the giant bugs to the list of things wrong with 2020 so far, but there might be some hope in the animal kingdom. A video has emerged of a praying mantis ruthlessly murdering the hornet with no mercy. The video has gone viral on Twitter.

praying mantis, murder hornets

Maybe these “murder hornets” aren’t as deadly as we thought. A video has gone viral of a praying mantis brutally taking down the dreaded giant hornet.

The video shows the mantis and the murder hornet alone in a contained environment. The mantis doesn’t waste much time, as it proceeds to claw at and then eat the hornet…alive.

The Asian giant hornets usually kill about 50 people each year. Beekeepers in Japan have to destroy many of their hives as the hornets will pray on bees and cause massacres. Many of the bee victims were reportedly found with their heads ripped off!

The internet is somewhat joyful that the humble mantis can so easily kill the dreaded murder hornet. The memes are a plenty.