Enjoy this interactive site which plays music from any country and any decade since 1900

Dive deep into the sounds of other countries and eras with, an online radio where a wealth of music stretching back to 1900 has been uploaded by various users.

All you have to do is click on a country on the virtual map, choose an era and decide if you want the songs to be ‘Fast’, ‘Slow’, ‘Weird’, or all three.

radio world map decades site

Get lost in the sounds of another time and culture with this site – just click on a country and era, then get lost in the sounds of Nordic disco, Baltic pop or Aussie pub rock.

We tried the site and we can say that the site is pretty solid. A scan of Australia through the decades reveals some Cut Copy, Tame Impala, Midnight Juggernauts and the Bee Gees; all legends in their own right. If you’re looking for something a little more obscure, crank that ‘Weird’ setting for those left-field finds.

So next time you’re hankering for some 1980s French power-pop, a Peruvian guitar ballad from the 1920s, or if you just want to find out what Zimbabwe is producing right now, let be your guide.


Check out the website here.