This vinyl uses recycled ocean plastic to produce sustainable sounds

We all love a nice record, fresh from the sleeve. That moment when the needle runs over the grooves of a track we love is an indescribable feeling. What better way to exemplify this rush than knowing that your vinyl has been made from recycled plastic-waste removed from the ocean?

That is exactly the effect that this new vinyl press will make you feel, thanks to a collaboration between British Artist Nicky Mulvey and Sharps Brewery, based in Cornwall, England.

This 10-inch vinyl pressing possesses recycled plastics from the ocean and has been cleverly configured to run smoothly on your average record player.

It is the first of its kind but recognises the push for environmental sustainability in which all manufacturers should consider more greatly.

The album is said to have been inspired by ‘The Atlantic’ and has rightfully been given the title In The Anthropocene, an inquisitive contemplation on the age of human modernity and our effect on the natural world.

All the proceeds from the vinyl’s physical sales, as well as the production from online streams, will be donated to UK-based environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage, which aims to clean up oceans through grass-roots actions.

Stream In the Anthropocene below: