This Will Destroy You – Dustism

What was the biggest news in music last week? Was it Kanye West’s Kidchella? Nope. Was it that awfully lame viral video of a kid dropping his keyboard? Wrong again. Was it the news that nobody in Australia would ever have to endure another day of sweaty lads on pingers, 2 hour Pearl Jam sets and $14 beers at Big Day Out? That was good news, but not the best.

this will destroy you

Beating out Kanye West, Weezer and AJ Maddah, the best music news of the week comes from…

By far the best news this week comes from none other than the lone star state, the birthplace of third wave post-rock*, where the aptly named This Will Destroy You are gearing up to release their third studio album.

Releasing their first EP to thunderous applause from within and outside of the Texas scene in 2006, the four guitar noodlers have evolved from the straight up mid 00’s twinkle/crush to a much more ambient, soundscapes. No longer will TWDY flatten you in a single blow – Tunnel Blanket showed us the power of attrition in destroying you. You were much more likely to find yourself drowning slowly in a sea of stringed artistry or toiling in gulags of white noise under the 2011-2014 TWDY regime.

The first single from the upcoming LP Another Language is Dustism – a long, harsh winter of a song. Boots trudge through permafrost to the sound of splashing cymbals, wind howls through pristine white mountains of feedback while auroras sway and twinkle as the clouds of noise begin to part at around the 2:30 mark. There is something industrial, almost factory-esque about the entire work, an unrelenting 4/4 beat matching the heartbeat of the proletariat as they work towards the betterment of the glorious people’s republic of TWDY.

Why is this such good news? If you’re one of the dying breed who still think third wave post-rock is cool, then Dustism is a huge nod back to those explosive moments on Young Mountain. The delay is rhythmic, the song crescendoes in an utterly predictable fashion, and something inside you yearns to cry, laugh and swallow your own tongue at the same time when that crescendo finally peaks. It’s a breath of fresh air post-rock nerds and Explosions In The Sky purists.

The single is out now via Suicide Squeeze in the US, with Another Language slated for the 9th of September through Hobbledhoy Records down here in Aus/NZ.

*A contentious subject if you frequent /mu/.