Thousands expected to rally in solidarity for the 2019 Sydney Women’s March

The people of Sydney will once again band together in solidarity as details of the third annual Sydney Women’s March have been announced.

The event aims to bring attention to the international epidemic of violence against women, trans and non-binary peoples whilst calling on the Australian government to give immediate attention and action to gender-based violence and discrimination.

Photo: ABC News

Over 10,000 people are expected to march in Sydney next year in an annual protest against bigotry, misogyny, discrimination and regressive political agendas.

The march will take place on January 20, 2019. Sydney joins London, Stockholm, Rome, Barcelona and multiple Canadian cities, with other Australian cities expected to release details of their marches soon, too.

The first Women’s March was held three years ago in the United States following the election of the worst leader in recent history, Donald Trump. People took to the streets following Trump’s inauguration to show their solidarity to those in marginalised positions. It was estimated that five million people marched that day, making it the biggest mass political protest in world history.

Women’s March Sydney organiser Dr Mindy Freiband said of the event:

“Violence against women is a global epidemic. The statistics in Australia are staggering as we have just recorded the 65th woman lost to murder or manslaughter in 2018.”

“Gender-based violence is one of the most prevalent and devastating manifestations of sexual harassment and power abuse across the globe. It touches all of us.”

“It’s time we stand together to demand real change. It is time to demand commitment from our leaders to tackle what can only be described as a national emergency.” 

If you’d like to get involved in the Sydney Women’s March 2019, register your interest via their website.