PREMIERE: Enter the debauched world of The DMTeasers’ new video Too Broke For Coke

We all know the struggle. A night out on the town, craving some sweet devil’s dandruff… but of course, no one can afford that shit! People are slinging dust for $300 a bag these days… Jesus Christ! What has become of this world?

It’s an unfortunate situation we’ve found ourselves in, but luckily enough, Melbourne outfit The DMTeasers are here to make it taste a little better with their new single Too Broke For Coke; an anthem for our disenfranchised generation.

Somewhere along the line, coke got real expensive. It’s tragic, but at least this situation has led to a seriously quality new video from Melbourne’s The DMTeasers.

Throughout the new track, The DMTeasers bounce through a seriously infectious brand of electro-driven pop with a confidence that’ll have you shaking at the knees.

Made up of Alex Mustard Mansell and Ali F Davidson, the band are bonafide party-starters. The track’s accompanying video sees the group gallivanting through the most epic party you were never invited to. It’s a neon coloured hallucination of debauched imagery that’ll leave you desperately craving a bump.

These are still early days for The DMTeasers, but judging by what we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more quality material from this band.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above.

Catch The DMTeasers live at their single launch show on Saturday October 27th at Oh! Jean Records in Fitzroy. More info here.