Tia Tamora’s upcoming single 'SICK' is a dark-pop dream

Tia Tamora’s upcoming single ‘SICK’ is a dark-pop dream

Emerging from Melbourne, singer-songwriter Tia Tamora releases her second single, SICK, tomorrow May 27.

Tia Tamora has only recently stepped on the scene with her debut single Picnic (an ode to Picnic At Hanging Rock) which features some intricate and satisfying melodies.

SICK, which is described as an anthem for the unwell, is about the repetitive and wandering mind of the jealous.

Tia Tamora

Tia explained how the single came about in the middle of lockdown: “I wrote SICK during a period of isolation. I was completely consumed by thoughts of a guy I was seeing and I ran with the idea of that love sick infatuation you get when you’re first getting to know someone and the hurt obsession that follows after they break your lil heart. Naturally I took it to the extremes.”

It took me literally no longer than 1 second of listening to this track for me to realise that Tia Tamora has something special.

Tia Tamora’s unassuming wisdom shines through her music. Listening to SICK was actually almost overwhelming because I immediately fell in love with Tia’s voice, lyrics and songwriting. 

“Everybody does it, you cannot call me crazy, the truth is so ugly, just lie to me baby,” Tia sings in one of the most brutally honest depictions of that awful person some of us (my hand is up) turn into with a hint of jealousy.

Along with her deliciously layered vocals, every other aspect of SICK makes you feel as though your mind is melting, in the very best way possible. 

Tia has taken the gothic/ gospel style of influences like Nick Cave and paired it with this modern production full of 808s and deep bass. 


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I couldn’t review this track without mentioning the uncanny similarity Tia has to sad-girl music’s sweetheart, Lana Del Ray. Tia’s voice mimics the familiar richness and her dark chamber pop vibes echo Lana’s later work. 

Amazingly, Tia Tamora is only just at the start of her career and at the young age of 20-years-old (well, 21 as of her release day) it’s frightening to think about how much further this gothic songstress can develop.

After a long lockdown with nothing but a pen, paper and a curious mind, Tia is sitting on a “grim songbook of the Australian psyche” and luckily for those of us dying to hear more, we can expect her forthcoming debut EP to be released later this year.

SICK will be released on all good streaming platforms on May 27.

Listen to SICK below.