Tones and I has decided to quit performing... in 4 years

Tones and I has decided to quit performing… in 4 years

Aussie music star Tones and I doesn’t want you to dance for her anymore, as her performing career will end in 4 years.

Tones and I, real name Toni Watson, made the official announcement during an interview with Hit NSW’s Breakfast with Gawndy and Maz.

Die-hard fans can relax a tiny bit, though, as so far it’s only the performance side of things that she intends to retire from.

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Image: Billboard

“I’m not touring at the moment and I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be Tones and I for. I mean, realistically I’m going to give myself another four years and then I want to be a songwriter.”

To be fair, the live music industry in Australia has struggled during COVID.

With our notoriously slow vaccine rollout inhibiting artists from touring internationally, and the devastating ongoing outbreak of the Delta strand, much of the country has been left in indefinite lockdown.

Perhaps a focus on songwriting will be a nice break for the talented artist.

In fact, Tones and I has a rather nice vision ahead of her.

She plans to continue working with children in schools, busk, direct film clips, and writing music for herself and movies and other artists.

It also sounds like the right decision for her. Watson has been very vocal about her mental health, citing her fame as a particular challenge.

“There was a point when we were coming up to the ARIAs last year, I’d had huge success, and the next day I woke up and had this overwhelming sadness and not wanting to celebrate it,” she told Tommy and Carrie last year.

“I feel like this is a lot and I want to keep writing music. As soon as my mental health isn’t wanting to do this I’m stopping, I’m not pushing through this. I want to be happy and right now I am, but it can waver, and I wouldn’t continue it unless it was fulfilling me and making me happy.”

We’re happy when you are, Tonesy!