Happy’s top 10 print magazines in Australia

Print is dead they said. Well, then why is there still an abundance of high-quality magazines printed in Australia each month?

If anything, print is on the rise. Physical copies of everything are increasing in sales, look at vinyl if you want proof; celebrating its highest year of sales since the ’90s.

In fact, Australian print magazines actually saw an increase in readership last year. Maybe we have the pandemic to thank, or maybe people just screwed their heads back on properly and sat down with a coffee to read about everything from food and Hollywood scandals, to music, culture, and local art.

Magazines coffee table
Credit: Ron Lach

Plus, there’s something indescribably nice about adding each issue of your favourite mag to the collection on your bookshelf. Not to mention the anticipation for your favourite subscription to arrive at your doorstep each month/quarter/whenever your favourite magazine prints a new issue.

So to celebrate our favourite format to stay informed on the most exciting topics going round, here is a list of our favourite print magazines in Australia.


If you’re in the market for fashion journalism with refreshing takes and on-point content, look no further than RUSSH. The Sydney based magazine kicked off in 2004, growing rapidly ever since.

While RUSSH is primarily fashion-focussed, the magazine also dabbles in arts and music, pairing stylish print design with well-educated, yet enticing content that covers everything from the comeback of 90s haircuts, to taking on problematic trends in beauty standards.

RUSSH Magazine
Image via RUSSH

Gimme Gimme Gimme Zine

Do you love extravagant collages and staying up to date with the Australian underground music scene? Gimme Gimme Gimme Zine is guaranteed to deliver.

The Queensland-based publication is everything that’s good about independant music journalism, showcasing artists that are yet to penetrate the airwaves.

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Zine
Image via Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie


Based in Naarm/Melbourne, Gusher describe themselves as a “feminist rock magazine”. Beginning in 2016, Gusher output one print copy a year, but damn is it worth the wait.

Don’t worry, they don’t ask their interviewees what it’s like to be a woman in the music industry, but they do fill gaps that the mainstream media leaves wide open.

Gusher Magazine
Image via Gusher

Dumbo Feather

This truely is a storytelling magazine. Dumbo Feather provides a platform for some of the most important people, famous or not, to share experiences, stories, and opinions.

Open up a copy of Dumbo Feather and you can expect to see articles written by a diverse collection of authors, including changemakers, lawyers, artists, writers, activists, philosophers, teachers, builders, and scientists.

Image via Dumbo Feather

Fern Magazine

Travel to stunning locations and ground yourself in nature with Fern Magazine. This Australian-based, bi-annual print magazine will undoubtedly appeal to an audience of curious readers who love adventure and spontaneity.

All the while, Fern have an ingrained identity of supporting local business and upcoming artists, on beautifully designed pages that do justice to the incredible natural landscapes that accompany the words.

Fern Mag
Image via Fern Mag


This one-of-a-kind publication is running just shy of its 10th print issue, with each encouraging “the discovery and appreciation of emerging womxn, queer and non-binary creatives”.

The Naarm/Melbourne based magazine sells copies internationally, covering literature, arts, culture, and fashion. Born out of friendship, Demure is self-funded by its amazing team of volunteers who strive to make the magazine as safe and inclusive as they can.

Demure Magazine
Image via Demure


With a focus on hip hop but extending their coverage to topics including Californian skate culture and Japanese fashion, Acclaim has well and truely found its niche.

Based in Australia, but distributing to all corners of the globe, Acclaim follows suit with its content, championing local artists while celebrating the best underground talent abroad.

music magazine
Image via Acclaim

Monster Children

Monster Children has been kicking (and pushing) since 2003, and they’ve been perfecting their craft ever since. Their quarterly print issues are curated around one simple thing: fun.

Specialising in skate, surf, music, art, and travel, Monster Children’s run of print flaunts artsy page design and the amount of attitude you’re imagining right now.

Australian music mags
Image via Monster Children


Mixdown is Australia’s only free print magazine designed for an audience of sound engineers and lovers of musical equipment.

Mixdown have kept their distribution completely analogue, with copies exclusively available from your local music shop, record store, venue, rehearsal studio, or music and audio school.

Mixdown Magazine
Image via Mixdown

Happy Mag

At Happy, we’re doing our best to keep the ball rolling with print magazines, distributing quarterly issues full of the best interviews and features, with exclusive content that can’t be read anywhere else.

You can check out our range of current and past print magazines here, or subscribe to a year’s supply of mags delivered straight to your door.

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