Track By Track through Terrestrials latest drop ‘Iridescent’

Take a walk through into the creation of 13-track ‘Iridescent’ with Scotty, the creative force behind Terrestrials

Alt-rock voyagers Terrestrials have unleashed their debut album, Iridescent, a 13-track odyssey that thrusts listeners into a sonic universe of raw emotion and intricate instrumentation.

In an exclusive track-by-track exploration with Scotty, the driving force behind the band, we unravel the layers of each composition.


From the confessional tones of ‘Opportunist’ to the chaotic charm of ‘Canyons,’ Terrestrials navigate self-reliance, vulnerability, and the repercussions of life’s unexpected detours.

The album becomes a canvas for Scotty’s poignant lyricism, with each track bearing witness to a deeply personal and vulnerable journey.

Join us as we dissect the beats, lyrics, and revelations that define ‘Iridescent,’ marking Terrestrials’ bold entry into the alt-rock scene. This is not just an album; it’s a sonic revelation, and we’re diving in headfirst with Scotty as our guide.

The Opportunist 

This track was initially an instrumental piece we used to play as a set opener. I liked it so much that I wrote vocals to match. 

Opportunist is an open, honest and transparent admission of self-imposed guilt, responsibility and remorse. Ultimately this song concludes with the process of forgiving myself for the benefit of becoming a better human. 

One of us 

This was the first track written for the album after Adrian and I spent a few sessions together workshopping. The structure came together surprisingly quickly.

A moment of clarity, belief, euphoria, inspiration and the ability to take fresh opportunities to their fullest potential through stepping out of comfort zones.  

Hollow Hands 

My memory is a little blurry on the origins of HH! But I recall the chorus coming up in a jam session somewhere, I loved it so much that we had to use it!

This song details an account of coming to terms with a distinct realisation that I am always in control of my own happiness & purpose, generating self-reliance thus resulting in personal empowerment.


This one has been kicking around for a while, probably soon after the EP. It contains our first attempt at writing a Djent section, are we’re pretty stoked with how it turned out! 

This track is an acknowledgement that I haven’t exactly been living life in the way I intended to. Social pressures feel as though they are mounting, I’m ready to break out of what I’m expected to do or be. 


Another track that came about by Adrian and I messing around with bits n pieces. This one always felt particularly vulnerable and a way of letting my guard down a little. 

Hitting rock bottom, ultimate regret and loathing for myself in the lack of ability to make positive life choices. A sorry to hurt loved ones. 


This was first presented by Adrian with a very chaotic version of the chorus which we loved but workshopped to serve the song best and here we are in all its hard rocking glory! 

A recount of how by being dishonest can only ever make an already difficult situation even worse. 


Triggers took life in a jam session between all four of us and for memory it took us a pretty decent amount of time to get it feeling ‘right’, but as soon as Adrian had finished composing the verse melody we were set. 

Taking ownership of fault and identifying what drives me most in my current position in life, how to embrace, enhance and expand on these exact things through positive experiences. 

Into minds 

Melodically speaking a very gentle moment in the album which is in our minds a necessary moment of ease and reflection. 

A case of feeling constant uncertainty and insecurity of myself and judgement. Particularly in early Morning when anxiety is often at its worst. 

Precious time 

We weren’t sold on Precious time for a while after the writing process but Matty really believed in its potential so we persisted and now feel it’s a pretty solid rock song with great energy. 

A reflection, observation and recount of how things might’ve been if I had the perspectives I now have, but ultimately making the most of now. 


The boys wrote all the music to Dreamstay before I even started with melodies/lyrics then covid struck and I had a prime opportunity to exhibit and express my situation, which turned out to be really satisfying.

A silver lining to life during Covid 19 and living in hard lockdown was the opportunity to enjoy life’s simple pleasures but at the same time feeling a heightened state of concern surrounding the outside world.

Perennial Trials 

Another one that was completed musically before any vocals. Was a tricky one for me to find what I felt the song needed. I think 3-4 different vocal arrangements were considered before finally settling.

A Deep realisation upon reaching a milestone, significant age that adolescence has truly gone. Conventional life is surrounding me and I’m afraid of falling into a life that doesn’t resonate with me. A self-diagnosis that I control the direction my life takes.

Can you see an opening 

This track began with Lee on bass and myself on drums fooling around at practice. Lyrically this one came at a time in my life that was particularly difficult. I personally feel that the essence of that struggle, beginning without hope or direction, channelled into something really positive. 

This song is a reflection of a really dark and desperate time. Perhaps my most difficult personal and vulnerable experience to date. This period of time details the effects of detoxing from years of SSRI medication. Depression had hit its peak and is all encompassing, without a sense of direction and purpose this is an attempt to piece a life back together and a plea for help.