Tube Amp 101 release the ultimate surf-grunge EP ‘True Friend’

Perth duo, Tube Amp 101, release their second EP, True Friend, oozing in nostalgic grunge and contemporary rock.

In a perfect swirl of punk rock, Tube Amp 101 explode in their second riveting EP, True Friend. 

The EP, made up of three singles, one re-mix and an instrumental, is a thoughtfully collated project put together by multi-instrumentalist Phil and vocalist Kate – along with various other collaborators.

Tube Amp 101

True Friend kicks off with Disconnectiona retro-rock track inspired by the book Chasing The Scream by Johann Hari.

Taking the themes of addiction from the book, Tube Amp 101 hooks us with its 60’s echoes and nostalgic guitar riffs and “the view that addiction is more likely an adaption to environment and connections good and bad within it,” they explain.

What follows effortlessly next is the EP’s title track True Friend

A genuine and down the earth track with its easy-going harmonica and harmonies. Whilst the track glistens in an upbeat rock style, the meaning behind the tune is driven from saying goodbye to a loved one.


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True Friends hits its sonic peak with psychedelically rosy track, Strawberry Smile. Brought to life with colour-bursting visuals, the track floats in kaleidoscopic neon colours of natural landscapes – making it impossible not to get lost in Tube Amp 101’s hypnotic trance.

Much like the blending of electric colour-lenses in the music video, the duo dig their heels into a sound that brings 60’s rock into the modern light; “hide from the world, hide from ourselves/the truths the same, either way,” the chorus rings.

Falling Down trickles through next, an alternate version to the track used on their last EP, AnxietyIt is the version I talked myself out of using… I prefer it to the original and would be interested in what others think” instrumentalist, Phil explains.

The EP rolls out with the final track, Strawberry Smile (Instrumental), leaving the sweet scent of summer to linger long after it has ended.

Tube Amp 101 have burst open with their imaginative freedoms in putting together this EP. Each track glistening in nostalgic rock, and jangle surf-grunge.

Check the True Friend EP out below: