It’s a knockout: ‘VALORANT’ announces 17th Agent, Kay/O

The 22nd of June will see the release of Kay/O, the 17th Agent added to Riot’s competitive shooter VALORANT. 

With a release date having been provided for Kay/O, a new initiator-class VALORANT Agent, Riot has once again proven that they weren’t lying when they promised to keep the game alive with updates and new characters.

Nobody really expected anything less from Riot, the dev team behind League of Legends who have been chucking new champions into their iconic MOBA since its launch in 2009. When the concept of VALORANT was first proposed, the idea of having a character-based FPS that updated more frequently than Overwatch sounded like a dream come true.


The initial plan was for VALORANT to have three acts per episode, and each episode coming through every six months or so, making for an addition of six new heroes each year. So far they’ve delivered on this goal pretty well.

The latest pudding-proof stands as Kay/O, the 17th Agent on the roster: an initiator whose enemy-suppressing abilities will be able to make huge dents in the opposing team.

Let’s take a look at his skillset:

E – Zero/Point

This is a throwable blade that sticks into whatever surface it hits and enables an AOE suppression field in a radius around it. Within this field, Agents will be suppressed and unable to use their abilities, meaning that enemy players are going to have to focus on their gunplay.

Q – Flash/Drive

The common purchasable item for VALORANT initiators, this flash grenade blinds enemies and allows for surprise attacks on the battlefield.

Unlike Phoenix’s curved flashbangs that are perfect for rounding corners, this comes out in the direction tossed by the player – with an option to right-click and charge the flash, should you wish to get it out quicker.

C – Frag/Ment

The final equippable is a frag grenade which sticks to the floor and explodes multiple times. Being at the centre of one of these explosions will kill.

X – Null/CMD

Kay/O’s ultimate emits pulses out in a radius from his person, which suppress enemies when hit, preventing them from using abilities. On top of this, being in an overloaded state also allows the combat stim effects to boost Kay/O as well, and getting killed in this state will allow any player to revive you.

This is a super interesting ability and could be used as a fantastic shutdown to turn the tides of a battle.

In all, Kay/O is looking like a fantastic addition to the VALORANT roster, and proof that Riot still cares about their unique team shooter. Find out more about the game here.