Vid O’ the Week – Mac DeMarco in Pepperoni Playboy

Our choice vids are usually video clips, or live performances. This is our first music documentary, hand plucked from the vast, confusing lands of the interwebs and delivered to your computer screen, because we feel that you need to see it.

mac demarcoPitchfork have been following Mac DeMarco around on his recent global tour, filming it all. Yes, you can finally watch him on the toilet in Pepperoni Playboy.

Canadian lad Mac DeMarco has captured the nicotine-coated hearts of generation Y the world over. What is it about him that boys and girls alike seem to find so goddamn irresistible? Yeah, he’s born in the 1990’s, making him younger than the majority of other alternative contemporary pin-ups.

He’s talented, sure. Is it perhaps his off kilter brand of jazzy, swaggering rock n roll that grabs our attention? Or his guitar that is literally held together with duct tape? Is it his bad skin, penchant for getting naked at his shows, or obvious alcoholism that we find so easy to relate to? Wherever the appeal lies, there is no denying it. Which is why pitchfork have cottoned on to bring us this half hour doco on the Mac.

Its well worth a watch, with interesting insight into the muso bizz, as well as lots of straight up entertaining footage of Mac DeMarco and his band on their recent global tour. Australia makes it’s glorious presence felt too, with a very flattering underwater montage filmed in the land down under.

I’m a fan, there is no denying it. Whatever you feel, give this a watch. The talent is undeniable, and the bratty honesty with which it is delivered is just the sweet little cherry on top of the cake. Keep an eye out for the Beauty and the Beast rip-off, its quality.