Hallucinex are another gem from Furious Hooves


Last week by chance I stumbled upon Bedroom, the one-man project from American high-schooler Noah Kittinger. Furious Hooves (good name) are the label that will be releasing his record later this month.

I was intrigued by the name and their taste. I delved deeper, and found that pretty much every artist on the small label’s rotation is really great and worthy of attention (score!).

Stay tuned, ‘cos over the next couple of weeks we’ll bring you a steady stream of introductions to many of them. Furious Hooves are based in Savannah, Georgia (what a town), and fuelled by their love of unpretentious, independent music, they work hard to release limited editions and handmade presses in “an array of media formats”.

hallucinexHallucinex are Taylor Noll and Paul Goerner, two dudes separately supported by Furious Hooves who have teamed up to create an EP of bliss – Online Birthday.

One of the artists they support is Hallucinex. Dreamt up by Savannah College of Art and Design student Taylor Noll, Hallucinex has its roots as a solo looping project. Now, Paul Goerner who drums for Blackrune (another of Furious Hooves’ kickass babies) has lent his percussion to Hallucinex, taking it from a solo vessel of interest to a dynamic duo of starry talent.

What came from the collaboration is a 5 track EP entitled Online Birthday, released in October 2013. Elements of krautrock are combined with the ever popular 90’s dreampop, guitar fuzz in the style of MBV to bring 15 minutes of pure bliss. Far from revival, the record has an undeniable topping of modernity, with tracks like Internet Girl (a stand-out) almost cinematic in their emotional evocation.

Now, the two are busy writing and recording again, with plans to release a new collection of songs later this year. This makes me glad I’m getting my butt over to the USA, there are so many awesome small labels dedicated to the support and promotion of what would otherwise be a bunch of college and high school kids making solo tunes out of their bedroom.



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