Two giants collide: watch Elton John and Jack White perform new duet Two Fingers of Whiskey

Here’s something we didn’t know how badly we needed. Elton John and Jack White have joined forces for a mighty duet, performing a new song Two Fingers of Whiskey.

In case you missed the news, White is making a documentary about the history of recorded music, because who the hell else wouldAmerican Epic  premieres on June 6th on PBS, and examines a period in the 1920s when a troupe travelled across America with the first electrical recording rig, looking for artists to record.

elton john and jack white two fingers of whiskey american epic

Elton John and Jack White, sitting side by side, singing a song influenced by recorded music’s birth in the 1920s. We are not worthy.

Two Fingers of Whiskey was recorded and filmed as a live session for the upcoming doco, using the same reassembled equipment the film is based around.

With just a piano and John’s fingertips and a guitar in White’s lap, they tear apart this stylish original. I mean, of course they do.

Check out the clip below.

The last American Epic  session saw White and NAS cover Memphis Jug Band’s prohibition era single On The Road Again, also on old school equipment. It’s honestly hard to pick a favourite, they’re both just too good.

Via NME.