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Watch Fascinator perform ‘Happy Cloud Water Medley’ Live at Enmore

Fascinator was the latest guest at the Live at Enmore studios. Dishing up a three-song blend dubbed the Happy Cloud Water Medley, it was a wild ride.

Not content with the customary single song offering at a Live at Enmore session, Fascinator dished up a triple song medley. Combining elements of Cloud Cave, My Own Private I Don’t Know and International Waters, the session redefined ‘epic’.

Accompanied by Ja Do on sax and Cami Parr on flute, it was more of a journey than a recording session, with a mixture of ambience, improvisation, pile-driving beats and memorable hooks from the Lord Fascinator himself.

Fascinator Live at Enmore Happy Cloud Water Medley

This session provided an extra special treat: two of the three songs — Cloud Cave and International Waters — were sneak peeks of tracks that are yet to be released. The centrepiece track, My Own Private I Don’t Know appears on Fascinator’s most recent record, Water Sign.

Here’s what the Lord Fascinator (aka Johnny Mackay) had to say before plugging in:

We normally just get on stage with no rehearsal and see what happens. It’s nice to document it for once!

Settle in for the trip and check out the session below:

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