Watch FKA Twigs’ stunning new short film Practise

FKA Twigs has released Practice, a 7-minute short film that delves into the production process for her music video Cellophane. After a three year drought, twigs brought the rain in April when she released the explosive track. A harrowing insight into longing and unrequited love, Cellophane commands attention with its charging piano and backing electronic elements.

Bringing the visual aspect of Cellophane to life was not taken on lightly. To fully realize her masterpiece, the artist undertook rigorous training to learn and endlessly perform a dance routine she conceptualized an entire year before the world was able to see the final product.

Practice, a 7-minute account of the year-long journey FKA TWIGS undertook to deliver the music video for Cellophane.

To truly grasp the artistry behind Cellophane twigs has released a 7-minute short film titled Practice, a behind the scenes look at the production of the Cellophane video. Practice delves into personal and professional battles fought for the project, as well as twigs perceived juxtaposition of the song lyric and what’s being depicted on screen.

To be asking somebody ‘Didn’t I do it for you?’ whilst doing these amazing tricks… It felt powerful.

Watch the new short film below:

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