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Watch Le Shiv perform ‘Where’s My Money?’ Live at Enmore

Le Shiv was the latest band to rock the Live at Enmore studios. Customarily quirky, but still catchy as hell, they dished up an unreleased gem, Where’s My Money?

Le Shiv was the latest band to tear it up at the Live at Enmore studios. Back in Australia after a long stint overseas, the four-piece was in fine form as they blazed through their as yet unreleased track, Where’s My Money?

Formed from the ashes of local faves The Ruminaters, the new psych juggernaut cut their teeth in the States, honing their sound on the highways of California.

Le Shiv Where's My Money article

The new song was fizzing with fuzz, led by a double guitar assault from lead vocalist Pencil and lead axeman, Moss. In the lively engine room was bassist Jarleth and drummer Billy.

A man of colourful words, Pencil summed up the track before plugging in:

It’s written in the perspective of a drug dealer and some dirty hippie owes him a bit of money. As we like to call it in this band, a thieving drug addict.”

Check out the performance below:

For more details on Le Shiv — and to listen to their other singles and demos — head over to the band’s website.