Watch My Bloody Valentine debut another epic new song live

The anticipation for a new My Bloody Valentine album has been steadily growing since whispers started circulating late last year. Kevin Shields has actually confirmed that new music will be out this year, and last month they debuted a new song live in London. Now they’ve debuted another new song whilst on tour in the U.S.

my bloody valentine

Watch My Bloody Valentine debut a new song from their long-awaited new record, which is (hopefully) coming out later this year.

As Consequence of Sound report, footage of the new song was taken at a show in Oakland, California on July 19th. The tune is typical MBV: pummelling fuzz and hypnotic textures that sprawl well over six minutes. Check it out below.

Speaking recently with Rolling Stone, Kevin Shields explained that the new album was originally intended to be an EP, but eventually grew to be more conceptual, and longer.

“In some respects, some of it is a bit straightforward,” he says. “The MBV album that we did in 2013 feels more meandery and not as concise. This one is like if somebody took that and dropped some acid on it or created a dimensional clash or something. It’s more all over the place.”

Keep your eyes peeled for an official album announce.

[via CoS]