Watch Kraftwerk perform Spacelab with astronaut Alexander Gerst, live from space

I like to imagine Kraftwerk founders Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider sitting across the dinner table from each other, thinking ‘how can we jazz up our next show?’

Ralf shrugs his shoulders and continues to munch on his bratwurst, but Florian has an idea; beam in their friend Alexander Gerst from the International Space Station.

kraftwerk alexander gerst international space station iss spacelab

Watch as Kraftwerk rein in astronaut Alexander Gerst for one of the most epic live collaborations ever; a performance of Spacelab from… space.

Gerst plays the introduction to Spacelab on a iPad digital synthesiser, before launching into a brief speech. It’s a unique moment to say the least – you’ll be covered in goosebumps before too long.

“Good evening Kraftwerk, good evening Stuttgart. I am one of only six people in space, on the outpost of humanity, the International Space Station, 400 kilometres above sea level.” 

Watch the video below.

Via Synthtopia.