Tom Cruise is going to film a movie in space

Through the magic of film, actors have been transported to places we never thought imaginable. But now, Tom Cruise is sick of acting and wants the real thing.

That’s why he said he wants to travel into outer space in the name of filmmaking. And believe or not, NASA is on board.

The head of NASA confirmed on Tuesday that they are working with Tom Cruise to make a movie on the International Space Station. Yep, Tom Cruise is actually travelling to the International Space Station.

A spokesperson for NASA detailed that Tom Cruise will be trained and ready to be launched into space, where he will stay aboard the station which orbits over 400 kilometres above the Earth, where rotating crews of astronauts have been living for twenty years.

Cruise and NASA are no strangers. Back in 2002, he narrated an IMAX film which was shot on board the space station. The space-documentary perhaps sparked Cruise’s initial interest, which has led him to turn his dreams into a reality. Some people have also speculated that Cruise has an ulterior, Scientology-themed motive. But whether Cruise’s desire to go to space is for spiritual enlightenment, or is purely superficial doesn’t really matter. What is in this deal for NASA?

It appears that the decision to take Cruise to space is a recruitment tactic of sorts. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine stated in a tweet:

“We need popular media to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists to make @NASA’s ambitious plans a reality.”

At the moment, it is still not clear when Cruise will actually travel into space, exactly how he will travel to the International Space Station or what other crew members will join him.

If the plans go ahead, it will mark the first narrative feature film to be shot in outer space and will potentially pave the way for the future of filmmaking. Regardless, it will probably take a few years yet.