Thanks to NASA, we now know what Saturn sounds like. Listen here, and check out these 5 artists who should be sampling our favourite ringed planet

Some time ago, a series of radio emissions picked up by the Voyager, INJUN 1, ISEE 1 and HAWKEYE space probes were compiled together and converted into sound waves by the scientists at NASA.

The celestial body linking all these signals together was Saturn, where charged electromagnetic particles from solar wind, the planet’s ionisphere, magnetosphere and famous planetary rings are constantly interacting with each other to create these waves.

It’s definitely an otherworldly sound, sounding at times like a vinyl scratch, white noise or a fire crackling. It got us thinking – this would make a damn fine sample.

saturn sounds

From psychedelic space rock to cosmic electronica and stratospheric vocals, Saturn sounds like they’d make a great collaborator. Here are 5 artists who should be sampling these interplanetary vibes right now.

The Goods

Boris Bangaltar and Rosario D’Awesome are The Goods, a futuristic electronic duo from Sydney. Their 2016 self-titled double EP saw the pair embark on a monolithic space odyssey, told over the duration of the track list. A killer release, sure, but it definitely needed more Saturn.

The Delta Riggs

Drenched in sex, stars and drugs, The Delta Riggs’ haphazard rock n’ roll shot through the stratosphere with their latest LP Active Galactic. Some burnt background noise would be the perfect compliment to their messy style.

The Jim Mitchells

With their debut LP Planet Absorbed, The Jim Mitchells basically sent us to space anyway. The band leader and head weirdo Jim Mitchell is a bit of a mystery man – but all things considered it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if he was actually the one to hike to Saturn and make these recordings in the first place.


Eli Coppock, better known as Nutrition, finds his music taking him anywhere from Aussie bush walks to the outer limits of the galaxy. He’s a known sampler, and happens to have a single called Space Odyssey. His 2016 EP These Days Don’t Exist is near perfect electronica -but the only thing that could improve it would be the actual universe.

Jack White

Legendary guitarist and songwriter Jack White recently made the news for being the first man to send a functioning record player to space. With his love for all things cosmic and sonic confirmed, it’s just a matter of time before he stumbles upon the sounds of Saturn.