Can’t wait to fly to space with Elon Musk? Scratch your interplanetary itch with Nutrition’s debut EP These Days Don’t Exist

You’re sitting on a beach and the wind is blowing. You close your eyes and just…breathe. The debut EP These Days Don’t Exist from Nutrition starts on these sandy shores before launching you into outer space.

It’s one special record. Listening to this EP you’ll feel yourself looking back down at the beauty of planet Earth from the utter quiet of the universe above.

these days don't exist

Theses Days Don’t Exist is a stunning debut from Aussie producer Nutrition, and a prime example of how lyric-less electro can be just as emotional as the great ballads.

It’s tough to remember an electronic record as moving as These Days Don’t Exist. Australian producer Nutrition, aka Eli Coppock, paints the world in such wonder through his earthly soundscapes, deep house beats and magical synths.

Although undoubtedly influenced by all things spacey, it’s the natural world that has been a big influence on his experimental sound, as Coppock explains:

I’ve always been into a lot of music without lyrics. Sounds can tell a huge story on their own and for me personally I get a lot more from listening to the sound of the ocean rather than a person telling me about their trip to the beach.

I don’t relate to a lot of people so I feel like electronic music leaves a little bit more room for an abstract point of view.

The stories told in his music have been hugely inspired from his hometown Whian Whian. Located just outside Byron Bay, the town is an ode to woodlands and waterfalls, a sanctuary that has heavily moulded Nutrition’s sound.

It definitely impacts it a lot. Not only has it helped to shape my view of the world, it really allows me time to process ideas and add a bit more depth to my music. As well, a lot of the samples and atmospheres on the most recent body of work were all recorded on my property which really adds a personal touch.

Moving back to Whian Whian after spending some time in Melbourne was particularly significant for his upcoming EP These Days Don’t Exist.

I basically wanted to do a bigger body of work, a whole range of genres to really just tell a bigger story. These Days Don’t Exist started off in this fantasy land, being reunited with my dog, going for bush walks everyday and really enjoying this dream-like lifestyle.

Until about midway through this year when in almost the blink of an eye my dog unfortunately passed on. After this point it triggered a lot more of an existential view of the project, These Days Don’t Exist moreso becoming a statement about questioning reality, self importance and about finding a purpose in a world we don’t really have answers to.

The pre-released single off the EP, Space Odyssey is a hypnotic adventure into the galaxy. It’s a beautifully constructed track, slowly building from whimsical, high-pitched bleeps to the introduction of the low frequency hook, all built on a foundation of one steady groove. This track is real example of how immersive his music is.

This was pretty much straight after a Through the Wormhole & Cosmos marathon. I’m hardly a man of science but I’m all into the concepts of space, cross dimensional travel etc. I basically wanted to do my own interpretation of a space voyage.

Checking out his YouTube Channel, you’ll realise Nutrition’s music videos are just as mind-bending as his sound, and we had to ask who’s responsible for the sweet glitch-based visuals in his track Advice Needed.

WWZARD6 aka Josh O’Keefe. I first met Josh, pretty much off being a fanboy of his Instagram and thinking his art was a perfect companion to my music. After that we became solid bro’s, worked on a lot of stuff together and he even serenaded me with an auto tune love song (lol).

It’s cool to have someone nowadays that I visually trust, and I’m a firm believer that people give you better artwork if you just let them have a lot of freedom and give you their own interpretation of your piece.

From tracks like this that make you want to jump around, to the reflective colour of his new EP, I think there’s a lot more we can expect from Eli. He brings so much emotion and intrigue into techno and he’s got some cool dreams for the future.

As well as a bunch of new music, I really want to look more at movie scores, my own independent films and once i get my hands on those VR goggles definitely something on them.

These Days Don’t Exist is out on the 13th of October.