Kevin Parker's Mink Mussel Creek are getting back together

It’s happening! The great Kevin Parker/Nick Allbrook fusion Mink Mussel Creek are getting back together

Kevin Parker is a man with a finger in dozens of tasty, psychedelic pies. He’s had a hand in some of the sweetest acts around in recent memory, most notably Tame Impala but also contributing instrumentals and production to releases from Mark Ronson, Koi Child and even Lady Gaga’s upcoming album.

Alongside Tame Impala in the mind-blowers’ hall of fame are fellow Perth locals Pond, headed by Nick Allbrook. Years ago, the members of these two bands came together for a short-lived, cult group named Mink Mussel Creek and today, via Tame Impala’s Instagram, it looks like the supergroup is getting back together again.

mink mussel creek

Like all the Power Rangers fusing together to form a mega-mech, members of Tame Impala and Pond are getting together once more as Mink Mussel Creek.

Parker, Allbrook, Pond guitarist Shiny Joe Ryan, Steve Summerlin on the bass and Richard Ingham on synths make up Mink Mussel Creek. Their 2014 album Mink Mussel Manticore met overwhelming positivity after being waited on for far, far too long. Given the members, the levels of anticipation weren’t really a surprise.

Check out Tame Impala’s Instagram post below, picturing all five Mink Mussel Creek members together:

Gettin the band back together #gettingthebandbacktogether #minkmusselcreek

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Mink Mussel Creek additionally made a recent, rare post on Facebook with the same photo with the caption:

“Whenever people asked when we’d play again i said none of us are dead and we’re all still friends. Was bound to happen eventually.”

It’s happening. Listen to They Dated Steadily from the returning band below to get just as pumped as we are.