Lady Gaga joined Tame Impala onstage at FYF Fest

Lady Gaga joined Tame Impala on stage at FYF Festival

A little while  ago, Mark Ronson teased a collaboration between himself, Lady Gaga and Kevin Parker, which has since been confirmed by Gaga in the form of a new single, Perfect Illusion, due out in September, produced by Parker and Ronson. Last night, Lady Gaga made a surprise appearance alongside Tame Impala at FYF Fest.

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Tame Impala and Lady Gaga joined forces on stage at FYF Fest to perform New Person, Same Old Mistakes, ahead of the release of the forthcoming Gaga/Parker/Mark Ronson collab, Perfect Illusion.

Walking on stage to perform New Person, Same Old Mistakes, from 2015’s Currents, Gaga and Kevin Parker shared a hug before launching into an epic rendition of the song.

Check out some footage of the special performance below.

Ronson and Parker have collaborated before, most notably on Summer Breaking and Daffodils from Ronson’s latest record, Uptown Special. It will be interesting to see what happens when a pop juggernaut like Lady Gaga in thrown into the mix.