Take all necessary precautions: MGMT will be back in 2017 to “re-dominate your mind hole”

MGMT are one of those bands that absolutely dominated the world stage as soon as they came into being. It’s rare for a psychedelic rock band to reach levels of recognition to rival the biggest pop acts of our time, but back in 2007 the whole world was listening to Electric Feel.

The band has been mostly quiet on the new music front since last Christmas when they hinted at a 2016 return, but as the year draws to a close fans are sure to be wondering how likely that really is. Recently, there’s been a long awaited update.


Since the release of Oracular Spectacular, everyone has been hanging out for more MGMT, and 2017 will see the prolific psych-lords return.

View the band’s tweets below:

Sophomore 2010 album Congratulations met mixed reactions – some loving it as dearly as Oracular Spectacular while others dismissed the band as one-album wonders. Regardless, the band have had no trouble finding live bookings, playing shows all over the world including a huge sets at Glastonbury 2010 and 2014.

Relive the strange jungle awesomeness of Electric Feel below, and stay tuned for more good news.

Via Consequence of Sound.