3 years after buying a used spacesuit, this Everyday Astronaut is living his spacefaring dreams with NASA

“Man-child buys space suit, waits for his chance to fly.”

Tim Dodd is a professional photographer who put the minimum bid on a used Russian spacesuit in 2013. At first, he wasn’t sure what to do with it. But in the years since, he’s spent his time inspiring people all over the world to invest in education, space and art.

He calls himself the Everyday Astronaut.

Photographer turned spaceman, the Everyday Astronaut is living out his childhood dream, and bringing the magic of space to the people of Earth while he’s at it.

While Dodd originally brought the series to life as a personal project, since its inception the Everyday Astronaut has attracted the attention of NASA, SpaceX and for-real astronaut and David Bowie mega fan Chris Hadfield among countless others.

His first and second series employed photoshop pretty heavily, splicing Dodd into space and various other situations in surreal ways. His latest, brought to you by NASA, sees the Everyday Astronaut exploring the real facilities of the space corporation, such as the Reverberation Chamber pictured above.

See our picks from the rest of Dodd’s photos below, and make sure to head to his website and Instagram for more adventures of the adorable Everyday Astronaut.