What happens when 165 street artists overrun an abandoned bank in Berlin?

Berlin is calling us yet again. THE HAUS is an ongoing art project in which 165 street artists took to the inner walls of an abandoned bank, completely transforming it into a maelstrom of colour and sculpture in its final days.

Set to be demolished at the end of June, time is short indeed if you want to witness this place for yourself.

The haus berlin abandoned bank street art artists
Images: THE HAUS/Creators

As if you needed another reason to suss out Berlin, a collective of 165 street artists have overrun an abandoned bank in a mind-blowing art project called THE HAUS.

This building was once an abandoned bank on the famous avenue Kurfürstendamm (colloquially “Ku’damm”). Now overflowing with indoor street art, it’s set to be demolished in June to make way for apartment buildings. But that’s part of the fun of it, according to the artists. And until then, anyone willing to brave the two-hour line outside is welcome inside, free of charge.

THE HAUS (tag-lined “Berlin Art Bang”) is a project kicked off by Kimo, Bolle and Jörni (all aliases), a trio of creators on the Berlin urban art scene for more than 20 years. While they operate Xi-Design, a hand-painted advertisements company, it’s their never-for-profit crew Die Dixons that built THE HAUS. After inviting their expansive network of artists to participate, they created the packed-out platform to put street art in the spotlight, offering a temporary, no-fee experience much like street art itself. – Creators.

You can check out THE HAUS on Instagram or their website.