Whitney release the second single from their next album, Valleys (My Love)

Whitney have given the world another insight into their forthcoming LP Forever Turned Away today with the release of the popping new single Valleys (My Love).

Valleys comes after the release of Giving Up and FKA, a reworking of the upcoming album’s closing track, earlier this year. The new release will be the bands first full length since 2016’s Light Upon the Lake.

Whitney combat complacency on their latest single Valleys (My Love), a toe-tapping ode to wanderlust and evolution.

The Chicago group have always emanated a feeling of wanderlust in their indie soaked tunes, and have completely leaned into that slide with their latest video clip. The new video juxtaposes super-8 looking footage of long-since-passed family holidays with the visual of a sole truck driver traversing the rocky plains of the United States.

Vocalist/drummer extraordinaire Julien Ehrlich softly but confidently conveys his displeasure in complacency. Over a harrowing shot of the lonely truck driver looking through photographs of days long gone, the singer croons; “I never want to fade away, wanna turn as the seasons change“.

Forever Turned Away is set for an August 30 release date through Secretly Canadian Records.

Check out the new visuals for Valleys (My Love) below: